Srimpi Indah Z. Paminto, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia. 2007

Background ; HIV infection phenomenons Increase sharply day by day as if there is not way to stop it. Nowadays, women, particularly housewives, have entered the fourth wave of HIV infection and will lead to fifth wave. They have gotten infection from their partner and as a consequence there is a possibility that they will transmit It to their babies. Discriminative and stigma to PLWHA have given them psychological burden, especially for women who never predict will get a long life present of their marriage in form of HIV Infection. Possibly, all of those will make high distress to them.

Aim ; To see the feature of coping mechanism of women who get HIV from their husband, to see the feature of psychopathology that appear, and to know factors that influence coping mechanism, how long women can accept their condition and how they can use the support that they got.

Method ; A Qualltative Descriptive survey by using six case studies, Instrument that is used in this survey are observation and deep Interview, The characteristic of respondents in this survey are women who HIV from their husband, who involved in YPI, there were not drug abuse, extra marital relationship, and received blood transfusion history.

Result ; There is no one of all of the respondents who want to be diagnosed Infected of HIV The source of distress among PLWHA in this research not only came from the diagnosis problem but also came from their big family and parent in law problem, the death of their husband, the death of their children, almost loss of guardian right, endorse their child to be Infected, loss of Income, loss of residence, forced to work, and their unstable health status, compulsory health control and take a medicine, caregiver duty for their husband, child, and their selves are the source of very complex distress for the PLWHA`s women. Most of women who got HIV from their husband are not ready to face those problems. Coping mechanism are vary between one and another. It is caused by their difference In using support and Internal capability as a basic characteristic of personality. All of respondents have psychopathology including the psychopathology that can be diagnosed in descriptive phenomenology manner and that can be seen in psychodynamic manner.

Conclusion; In this research can be seen that only one respondent who is able to practice adaptive coping mechanism. It indicates that for the PLWHA`s women who are infected from their husband, those conditions are very hard and very difficult to be accepted. Psychiatrist role needed in this case to help them in order to overcome their problem.

Key words. HIV ‑ women ‑ coping mechanism.


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