Pokdisus Aids

by ; Hendi and Ekki

Working group on AIDS (Pokdisus AIDS FKUI/RSCM) is an institution organized by Medical School, University of Indonesia and Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital. It was established in 1986, since the first case of HIV found. Up to now, Pokdisus provides HIV/AIDS services for more than 3,000 People Living with HIV positive (PLHIV). In 2008, it gave free HIV testing for new patients who wanted to know their HIV status. It is interesting to know profile of these people, thus health promotion in the clinic can be primarily focus on specific area.

This is a cross sectional study to assess profile of new patients of Pokdisus coming for HIV testing. Respondent of this study is the whole new patients tested for free HIV testing in 2008, 427 respondents. When data cleaning performed, there are 356 respondents eligible for data analysis. Frequency of 13 demographic variables, as descriptive analysis in SPSS 15.0, is used to depict the profile of new patients in the clinic.

Result showed that 224 respondents are female patients (62.9%). Of this figure, 116 women (51.8%) were found HIV positive. The primary reasons for testing are knowing their behavior as risky one 145 (40.7%), curiosity 122 (34.3%), and presence of HIV symptoms 41 (11.5%). Doctors become the source of information for HIV 86%. Most of them are adult group, 18-60 y.o (86.8%), married (53.4%), high educated (67.7%), become housewife as job (32.9%), and are sexually transmitted (50.6%). Of 356 respondents, 122 were HIV positive (34.3%).

Health promotion in Pokdisus should mainly focus on female patients and female partners of male patients since they are in high risk to be infected by HIV. Plus, training for health care workers on counseling could be increase as they are the source of information for HIV issues for patients.


Keywords: cross sectional, HIV, testing, PLHIV


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